New world ciders!

We talk a lot about new world wines, but some of these countries have now truly jumped on the cider wagon!

Australian Ginger Beer

For years Australia relied on their own version of Strongbow, just as sweet and commercial as you can imagine. Since the late 90’s however that has changed. Tasmania and Victoria have a great climate for apple production, and are producing some fabulous ciders, Australia even has its own cider organisation Cider Australia¬† – mind you at their recent award show top honours went to the UK with Thatchers Gold, so they still have some catching up to do! Just like new world wines, new world ciders aren’t limited by century old traditions, so makers are free to play around and produce excellent English style ciders alongside European Cidre. An excellent example of this is Willie Smiths who are producing an excellent Normandy style cidre in Tasmania – a complex, dry thing aged for three months in French oak barrels.

Not surprisingly Australia has also embraced ginger beer, given they have a large supply of fresh grown ginger to hand. Long known for their excellent non-alcoholic Bundaberg Ginger Beer, local brewers are now embracing the alcoholic version. Possibly one of the best around and certainly most intriguingly named is East 9th Brewery with their Lick Pier Ginger Beer.


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