Ice cider

apples ready for ice harvest

Now I’ve had Icewine before, that delicious late harvest wine picked only when the grapes have been exposed to frost, perfect as a dessert wine. But, Ice Cider I have only just come across in a recent trip to Canada. Following the same principles as Icewine, late harvest apples picked after the cold has had its way with them. First produced in the 1990s it displays the same sort of characteristics as Icewine, in that it has a lovely rich honeyed flavour.

I came back from Canada armed with a few bottles of this to make great gifts, and friends were blown away by the flavour, definitely unique for cider drinkers, rich syrup like consistency and full of apple flavour with hints of crisp acidity that you expect from a cider. This is one to serve chilled on a special occasion, more like a wine with cheeses or dessert. Having been happy with the reception it received, I had a look on Amazon and found a few good examples available, definitely not cheap, but ideal as an alternative present for a cider lover, given they are packaged more like a desert wine. I have tried the Leduc-Piedimonte Ice Cider, and can say it is superb, rich and warm and very decadent.


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