Fan of Bulmers?

A lot of my friends are cider puritanists- the type that have a favourite local cider and think that anything that is mass produced loses its charm and is not a good cider- I’m certainly not one of those. One of the first ciders I ever had was Bulmers and I will still defend it to day!

Bulmers has quite a wide range of ciders- that is, they have ciders that have different tastes. The bottles look incredible too- in fact, the bottles were what made me buy this cider in the first place. Two bottles of Bulmers Pear Cider later, there was no going back. Since then, I have tried every one of their flavours, and I still have a hard time choosing between my favourites. Bulmers is quite cheap and a wonderful substitute for hard liquor if I am not in the mood for vodka, of course. It is strong enough to create a buzz, and it tastes absolutely stunning.

Bulmers Cider

The wide range of tastes ensure that people have their own choice of cider- buy one of each flavour before you head to a party, and there will be absolutely no discontent there, I promise!

So, do you like Bulmers? And if you do, what is your favourite flavour?