Health benefits of Cider


Vinegar also known as cider is an age-old cooking essential. Traditionally it is supposed to be a cure for many diseases. Science also agrees to the fact now.Vinegar is prepared by adding bacteria to alcohol. These bacteria convert alcohol into acetic acid. Here are some health benefits which vinegar intake will result in.

  • High in Acetic acid – Cider is having lots to offer . It has all kinds of beneficial chemicals which help our body. Good quality cider also has anti-oxidants and reduces aging.The chemicals present in vinegar are beneficial to humans and animals.
  • It kills bacteria – Cider is a great preservative. It is natural and kills almost all bacteria. It has been used for wound cleaning and has antiseptic properties as well.
  • Lowers Blood sugar – regular intake of cider can help to lower blood sugar. It is very beneficial for diabetics. Just have enough in your food and you will not require medication. It is a natural remedy for diabetes.
  • Reduces weight – It has been found in studies that Vinegar can help reduce weight also.It decreases you appetite, you will eat less and hence will have weight loss. A great way to lose weight, right.
  • Healthy Heart – Cider has been known to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. These are responsible for 90 percent of heart attack cases. Hence using vinegar can reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  • Anti – Carcinogenic – Use of vinegar in food helps to remove chemicals which cause cancer. With pollution all around us Vinegar can help us fight cancer in an astute manner.