ACV benefits – Part 2

I hope you have been taking ACV on daily basis and witnessing the various benefits it offers first hand. As promised in my last post, here I continue with more benefits of ACV.

Apple Cidr Vinegar  - really does have a part to play in keeping you healthy

Weight Loss

The use of ACV can also trigger your weight loss program, for as we consume food the properties of ACV breakdown the proteins in the food to produce amino acid which works as a fuel to increases the production of growth hormones which are essential for weight loss. And since the solution is laced with pectin which is an insoluble fiber you feel contented with less food, and like all insoluble fibers it keeps your hunger pangs away for a longer period, hence you stay away from mid day blemished calorie snacks.

Then again the motive of ACV being to breakdown food proteins, it also helps in release of iron from the food which in itself is a building block for hemoglobin and myoglobin which disperses oxygen to the body cells. This supply of oxygen to the cells helps in burning down calories which again stimulates weight loss.

Strengthens Immune System

You must have heard of an apple a day…, the same can be said about the apple cider vinegar solution. It fires your whole immune system, and has the potential to kill many harmful bacteria. It also has antiviral properties, and the regular users of ACV are less likely to get viral flu or cold. The ACV as a preservative has properties which prohibits the growth of bacteria like E. coli in food as well.

There are countless other beneficial qualities of apple cider vinegar which include, regulating blood sugar level, blood pressure, detoxification, heart benefits, heartburns, intestinal problems, constipation, prevention against cancer, etc.

Want to know more? Stay tuned!