Sparkling apple cider

Sparkling apple cider

I’ve said before how I look back with wonderful memories of days spent on my grandparent’s farm and in the orchards, so it came as a pleasant surprise to discover that there are quite a few orchards across the UK countryside. I’m quite fascinated to discover how sparkling apple ciders are made from delicious quality apples and how spices like cinnamon and vanilla along with some yeast can give such a delicious drink. Different varieties of apples are used in ciders and the fermented juices are then blended. With sparkling apple cider, alcohol is created when the yeast is added for fermentation. There are so many ideas about making sparkling apple cider on the Internet, and cleanliness with the apples and your equipment is key. Of course, the recipes are all expandable, but the trick is to start small, like starting with about 7 bottles just in case something goes wrong. If you become serious about your cider-making, you may even want to invest in an apple press. Let me know how your cider turns out!


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