About me

I’m a city girl, but my grandparents used to be farmers and I still remember going to visit and climbing the trees for the freshest, crispest apples – a pure delight! As I grew up and entered the adult world of drinking I used to drink the most horrible sweet cider (as you do) that was commonly available in the 90s. Now however we get such great choice in products like ciders and ginger beer- you’re can break away from beers and wine at a pub and be spoilt for quality choice. Drinking these ciders takes me back to my grandparents farm, crisp Autumn days.

I’m on a journey to discover the best of our ciders and other classic drinks, and how to make the most out of enjoying them, and to see how the rest of the world is fairing in this cider revolution, come along for a ride if you want I’m eager to discover what other people all ready know.


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